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Last updated 24/05/02

I've been working with an HP calculator since 10 years. I've got an HP48sx until the 49 I bought last year.

During this time a learn to love them. 

I've do a lot, a lot, of programs for my 48 but except a very small international calendar (ICAL) none of them have been distributed. I'm trying to so now for the 49.

So here we are. 

These are my libraries

CMtx 49

cmtx49v293.zip   (176KB)   

CMtx49 v2

This Library helps you make operations over rows and columns in arrays. It could be useful in a lot of tasks; I found it very useful in the laboratory.

v2.93 Bug fixed, a very stupid one Does anybody use it?

Scatter 49

Scatter49v3.zip (74KB)

Scatter49 v3

This library helps you plot series of data with different mark styles.
XUnits 49

xunit49v1.zip (25KB)

XUnits49 v1

This library allow you to do custom units conversions.
GoferSys 49


This is a conversion I made to SysRPL of the GoferLists Library done by Jarno Peschier. Quoting his documentation "This is a library for the HP48GX calculator that contains UserRPL versions of some of the functions that work on lists I took them from the standard .prelude of the functional programming language Gofer".

DigSim49v4.zip (62KB)

Digital Simulator 49 v4


This is a digital circuit simulator. It simulates graphically a gates circuit. It comes from an 48sx program. It's done in SysRPL
Fields 49 Beta

Fields08.zip (2KB)



Are you looking for any thing that gives you the gradient in cylindrical coordinates? This is for you. It does it in cylindrical and spherical (apart of rectangular). And does the gradient, divergence and so on.

v 0.3 beta

lstcmd4903.zip  (2KB)




This is a SysRPL version of the program of John H. Meyers which allows to save more than four last command. My one is done for fifty.

This is done as learning project.

(Not) Running Projects

This is the list of the projects I'm currently working on together with their state and plannings. 

Currently I don't have time (I'm a daddy since March 10th!!) nor interest on them. If some one really want any of these changes drop me an email it will be sufficient to bring me again ;).

DigiSimul49 v5
v0.3 ( delayed because nobody seems to be interested) More ML speedups.
Logical49  This is a logical true-table builder. It build and simplifies the Karnaugh diagrams also, but not reducing them while I figure out how to do it.
Scatter49 v4 I'm planning to improve the interface allowing to plot various series at the same time, scaling both and so on.
Utilities49 It will be my set of utilities. They are the ones I'm commonly use. They are a set of unrelated tools like saving and restoring different common settings, quick folder change, remote folder execution, easy menu creation, etc.


These are Other Authors Software

The best web site where you can go is www.hpcalc.org , there you could find everything.


My List of "Must have" software for the 49

The 49 O.S comes a lot more complete than the one in the 48 so the list is a lot more short than any list for the 48 but in the other side the items in this lists does a lot more than what you found for the 48 (Wait a second! I love the 48 too. It's a great calculator so don't blame me about preferring the 49).

All of this items can be found in www.hpcalc.org

But remeber to contribute (if you can: you must!) to Eric' site!.

General Tools


by Carsten Dominik and Peter Geelhoed 

This library converts the 49 editor in the better one of the history. You will love its auto completion capabilities whether you are programming or working with the 49. 

by Wolfgang Rautenberg

This library allows you to customize your 49 keyboard to a level not seen before.

by Jurjen N.E. Bos

This is for those ones that really one to hack the 49. It the better environment I've saw for that on the 48/49

by Wolfgang Rautenberg

This library have a very good set of tools for the daily work.

by D.Martinez (NovaHP)

This library gives you a systems of documentation with all the documentation for userRPL, SysRPL and internal in your 49!

by Ruben de la Rosa Steinz

This is a wonderful command help system for the 49. But it's in Spanish. Hopefully someone could work with Ruben for translate it because is the more up to date reference I've seen.

by Wolfgang Rautenberg

This is a very good UsrRpl extension with the 49 browser.

by Thomas Rast

This is the final menu extension you ever use. It takes the current menu and shows it in full page. (Hey Oldies! Did you remember 48's XMenu?) 

by Wolfgang Rautenberg

This modification of the Filer is a lot more confortable and provides new options (quoting and so).


by Steen S. Schmidt

This library extends the capabilities of the 49's solvers. Now it's a bit old and superseded by the two below.  But if you got newer ROM revision you must wait for the next update of the library :( 

by Steen S. Schmidt

This library gives you commands for doing symbolic polynomial operations and solving.

by Steen S. Schmidt  

It's very interesting library for matrix operations

by Steen S. Schmidt

These are a set of solvers to extend the 49 ones.

by J.N.E. Bos

This is the better 3d plotter for the 49, really for the 4X series
SolveSys 49

by Sune Bredahl

This is a numeric solver with a long history in the 48 world. Now comes for the 49 with a new interface.

by Albert Graef

This is the first Graph view I've ever seen on any calc. Of course you should be ready with graph theory to explore it ;)


by Jack Levy. Ported by Alain Robillard

This is the best organizer for the 48/49.

by Jack Levy. Ported by Alain Robillard

This is the best Database for the 48/49.
Bode-Routh and Neopolys

by Apolonio Francisco González Herrero

A wonderful library for those ones that work on Control Systems.


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